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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

S Cape Plan

This is the day that you rummage through your closet and come out with a musty, wrinkled piece of cloth. This isn't any ordinary square of muslin; it's your cape. You forgot about it, didn't you? Somewhere between final exams and that first rent check, your cape got stuffed in a box with old toys and half-written adventure stories. It was forgotten far too easily as the world tried to convince you that good enough is good enough, and that Super isn't real. You even started believing the world, because it's easy to do so when so much is wrong out there.

But today is different. Today, your memories come back to you. You realize that the only true barriers in your life exist within your own mind and heart. Today, you get a little flash of that red cape draped over your shoulders, and you remember what it feels like to fly and to smash through walls and to lift cars off people who are trapped beneath them because they forgot about their capes, too. So you walk into your closet of forgotten hopes and dreams and you find that box. 

As you pull the cape from its hiding place, power courses up your arm and into your chest. A slanted shaft of sunlight falls across the fabric and you notice how very red the cape is. You shake it out and spin it around onto your shoulders. Surprisingly, it fits just right. You tie the strings at your neck and walk outside, searching the impossibly blue heavens for your destination. You listen for cries of people in distress.

You're ready. You're back, and today you are once again the hero you were always meant to be.


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