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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Love Wins

Fear is an impressive power in the world. As we are too frequently reminded, there are people who are ruled by fear which drives them to irrational behavior, making them believe that they are somehow justified in taking lives in order to make a political statement. These small-minded, selfish cowards are incapable of the kind of critical thinking it takes to engage in true dialogue with others. They are convinced they are right and will do anything to prove their points. These people have been around since Cain looked at Abel with bitter, hateful envy, and they will be here as long as humanity draws breath. 

But there is also Love. It has existed since before time was conceived, before the earth was formed. It set galaxies on their ever-widening paths; it created beauty in trees and mountains and rivers. Love also planted the seeds of courage within the hearts of humans; the kind of courage that impels us toward catastrophe rather than away from it. Courage that permits us to look upon acts of terrorism and see them for what they are: outward expressions of inward fear. Petulant tantrums thrown by small minded men who are angry about not getting their way.

Love always finds the good in the aftermath of such acts. Love is people rushing to others' aid through smoke and debris. It is brave men and women scouring city streets for more implements of destruction, ignoring their own potential peril. Love is healing beginning to take place even minutes after an attack has occurred. No matter how hard fear tries, Love wins. Love always wins.

Take courage, because today you will Love and be Loved, and no fear will ever overcome you.

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