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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Adversity is the launch pad from which greatness lifts off.

For Churchill, it was Germany shelling London neighborhoods daily. For Einstein, it was teachers who thought him stupid (and later a regime that wished to use his gifts for evil). For Gandhi it was an oppressive empire. For Mother Teresa it was poverty and starvation.

While those circumstances make our daily struggles seem insignificant, we nevertheless deal with adversity at one level or another every day. It is these small challenges which teach us to overcome greater ones. If we never faced an obstacle in life, we would be helpless when hard times truly hit.

You have within you today the capacity to overcome great adversity. Perhaps you have been tested, perhaps not. But today you are certain that you possess the tools to face whatever comes your way. You possess intelligence, resolve, and grit. You can and will overcome whatever stands between you and greatess.

We have achieved lift off!

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