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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Today, you are an impenetrable fortress. 

You know how Mondays are: You awaken slowly and gently, pad lightly into the kitchen and brew some coffee so you can enjoy it out on the lanai. You watch the sun rise and cast its soft, golden light across the serene Hawaiian mountain lake which serves as your back yard. As you sip your perfectly brewed Kona coffee, you ponder what to do with the remaining $198,000,000 of your lottery winnings. Then your alarm shrieks in your ear and wakes you up for real. 

Damn, it's Monday.

Rather than a tranquil scene outside your window, you wonder if there might be a horde of angry orcs, trolls and Uruk-Hai waiting to skewer you on their nasty iron implements.

But that's okay, because you're ready for it. Your batteries are charged, your mind is calm, and you know how to handle the impending onslaught. You're not letting anything or anyone tax you beyond your limits. Besides, you're a mighty keep. Like Helm's Deep, only better.

Arrows, grapeshot, battering rams, ICBMs, it doesn't matter. You're the Rock of Gibraltar. You've made it this far and you're going to keep on making it. Monday can throw its best at you and you'll just laugh it off.

Thick skin. Strong mind. Indomitable will. Impenetrable fortress. You.

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