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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Don't Fight It...

Remember the movie "Rocky?" Sure you do; everyone does. If you've never watched it, you'll probably want to stop reading now because none of the following will mean anything to you.

Anyway, this daily kick in the pants is NOT going to say that you're Rocky and that Monday is Apollo Creed. Nope. This daily Daily dose of dynamite is claiming that you're Rocky and Monday is… wait for it… Adrian. 

"What?!" you may puzzle. "But Rocky doesn't beat the snot out of Adrian in that movie!" That's right. Because what this particular message is trying to get across is that Monday isn't your opponent. In fact, it's just shy but keeps hanging around because it's kind of interested in you and is hoping that you'll notice it. Once you spend a little quality time with Monday you'll see it's not so bad. And maybe, just maybe, you'll experience a tender moment wherein you gently reach up, take off Monday's glasses and realize "dang, you're actually pretty hot!" Then you and Monday will become a team that will be able to take on anything together.

Even that colossal ape Ivan Drago, otherwise known as "Wednesday."

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