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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Be The... Wait, What?

You've heard the expression "be the ball," right? It's a hokey old pop sports psychology phrase that some trainers use in an attempt at making athletes focus more intensely on the task at hand. This morning, you are NOT going to be the ball. And do you know why? 

Because the ball gets the crap knocked out of it on the regular! Furthermore, the ball does not act; it is acted upon. So today what you're going to do today is this: Be The Pro. 

Professional athletes train for years, and their minds and bodies are fine tuned to do exactly what it takes to win. Think about who you are and what you've done in life: You're a professional. You have knowledge, training and experience that have turned you into a finely tuned instrument. You're ready to put the ball right where it needs to go.

Most importantly today, you're going to get out there and play. You might win and you might lose, but rest assured that nothing amazing will happen if you keep picturing yourself as an inanimate object that is the target of wooden and metal clubs. So go knock that ball over the center field wall. Sink that hole-in-one. Drain that perfect three-pointer at the buzzer. However you choose to do it, do it all the way.

Have an awesome day!

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