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Monday, October 12, 2009


In true ADHD fashion, I started a blog and then never returned to it. I have no idea if I will be able to maintain this one, but if one doesn't try, one fails by default, right?

Life is good. That's not just a slogan, you know. It's not easy; it never is. But it can be good, no matter what events occur. I think the difference lies in one's perspective and what one looks for. I recently read an article about luck. The writer noticed that people who consider themselves lucky are those who don't focus on specific things, but rather take in everything around them. People who identify themselves as unlucky tend to ignore the big picture and only watch for particular things. In other words, you can spend so much time looking out to sea for your ship to come in that you miss the train to paradise that's been sitting right behind you, waiting to take you on a fantastic journey.

While everyone misses their fair share of connections in life, it's much easier to find the right path when you step back and look at the whole map. So I guess that's my message for today: make sure you're not squinting at the same little spot all the time. Relax and take a look around. You may spot something you've never seen before, a path you've never taken. Who knows, it might bring you to a place where you can honestly state that your life is good.


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